So you want to win in business. What’s stopping you? Find the missing link – or shall we call it The Winning Link – with your host and trusted field guide Billy Taylor. As CEO of LinkedXL, Billy brings over 25 years of business excellence and leadership experience to the mic. Each episode, he takes a deep dive into personal and business leadership with leaders of all types, from sports to business icons. Break down the anatomy of excellence and take your next step toward success when you tune in to The Winning Link.

P.S. Be sure to snag all the great insights in written form – The Winning Link book is coming soon!

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Jose Manuel Irarrazaval es parte del equipo de Vector Global Logistics Chile. José Manuel es un gerente experimentado con experiencia en finanzas corporativas, fusiones y adquisiciones, financiamiento y reestructuración, inversión directa y financiera, tanto en Chile como en el exterior. José Manuel tiene su MBA de la Universidad de Pennsylvania- The Wharton School. Conéctese con Jose Manuel en LinkedIn.

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