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Powering Industry 4.0: Mike Lackey and Robert Merlo with SAP

No one would deny that supply chains have always been complex, but they have grown steadily in strategic importance over the last few decades, contributing as much to brand value, customer retention, and corporate reputation as any other part of the business. 2020 has presented many challenges, and yet the greatest opportunity/challenge is still before us: Industry 4.0

Tune into the Supply Chain Now podcast as Scott and Greg welcome business leaders with SAP that are fueling industry 4.0, Mike Lackey, Global Head of Solution Management, Digital Manufacturing, and Robert Merlo, Vice President of Digital Supply Chain Solution Marketing, as they share their key takeaways from a wide variety of initiatives right here.

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SCN LIVE: Key Observations in Disruptive Supply Chains with Mark Morley 

Featured guest Mark Morley with OpenText joins co-hosts Scott W. Luton and Greg White to have a conversation about how disruptive supply chain technologies are being leveraged simultaneously to help companies tackle challenges, serve customers & successfully grow! 

WEBINAR: Stand Up & Sound Off

Two equity advocates share change strategies that are working inside corporate America

The Supply Chain Now team is pleased to continue our “Stand Up & Sound Off” series, where we facilitate the sometimes difficult conversations that must be had in order for things to change. One other driving factor in this particular series is to create a global forum where our audience can actively participate & share their thoughts, insights & perspective.

In this webinar, two dynamic leaders share lessons learned in post George Floyd corporate America. How have they talked about race with cross-racial audiences, what initiatives are showing meaningful progress and benefits for all employees, which corporate areas are the hardest to impact and how you can engage.

“Driving Global Operational Transformation: Jonathon Karelse with Northfind Management”

Supply Chain Now – Episode 482

On this episode of Supply Chain Now, Scott Luton and Jonathon Karelse, CEO of Northfind Management, lead the conversation surrounding the next big idea for decision making and planning in most companies: Behavioral Economics.

Listen now as they discuss how understanding the causes of biases and heuristics in planning can help organizations make rapid improvements in real-world performance.

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