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3 Things C-Level Execs Need to Know About Sales & Operations Planning &

Inventory Optimization

The average manufacturing company has been working on their sales and operations planning process for about seven years, spending seven years honing their S&OP process. However, only 38% of companies were satisfied with either the process or the outcomes that were resulting from their investment in S&OP.

A resilient S&OP process is even more critical now with heightened volatility around both demand and supply as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Listen up to TEKTOK, powered by Supply Chain Now,  as host Karin Bursa shares the 3 Things C-Level execs need to know about Sales & Operations Planning & Inventory Optimization.

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SCN Live: Supply Chain Today & Tomorrow with Mike Griswold from Gartner

Get ready to increase your supply chain IQ! Scott Luton reconnects with the one and only Mike Griswold, VP Analyst with Gartner, for SCN Live.

Listen up as Mike shares key supply chain & business takeaways from 2020, as well as some of Gartner’s “Big Bets” for 2021.

Brian York, Serial Entrepreneur: Focused, Persistent, & Calm

Before becoming the CFO of a very famous fund (Lowercase capital) lead by a Shark Tank shark Chris Sacca, Brian York worked in audit and taxation in Los Angeles. Through working with Chris and his team, Brian was able to get a very intimate exposure to amazing start up companies like Uber and Instagram before they became unicorns.

Listen up as Brian sits down with Enrique Alvarez to openly share his experience, mistakes and key ingredients for a successful start up company as well as his vision for the future of Supply Chain, technology and Latin America.

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