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Supply Chain Front & Center: Ashfaque Chowdhury, PhD with XPO Logistics

Looking to raise your supply chain leadership IQ today? On this week’s featured episode Scott is joined by Ashfaque Chowdhury, PhD, and a senior leader from one of the largest global providers of transportation and logistics services in the world, XPO Logistics.

Listen up as they dive into technology and its role in the warehouse, reinventing the approach to global supply chain through thought leadership, and preparing the supply chain for peak seasons. 

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SCN LIVE: Supply Chain Today & Tomorrow: featuring Mike Griswold from Gartner

Greg White & Karin Bursa with Supply Chain Now sit down with Mike Griswold from Gartner, who will be offering his 3 key takeaways from the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium 2020 EMEA.

WEBINAR: Stand Up & Sound Off

Two equity advocates share change strategies that are working inside corporate America

The Supply Chain Now team is pleased to continue our “Stand Up & Sound Off” series, where we facilitate the sometimes difficult conversations that must be had in order for things to change. One other driving factor in this particular series is to create a global forum where our audience can actively participate & share their thoughts, insights & perspective.

In this webinar, two dynamic leaders share lessons learned in post George Floyd corporate America. How have they talked about race with cross-racial audiences, what initiatives are showing meaningful progress and benefits for all employees, which corporate areas are the hardest to impact and how you can engage.

“Making Better & Faster Planning Decisions Globally: Alex Pradhan with John Galt Solutions”

Supply Chain Now – Episode 476

Supply Chain Now talks panning! On today’s podcast episode, listen as Scott & Greg welcome Alex Pradhan, Product Strategy Leader with John Galt Solutions, and they discuss the top three lessons learned in 2020 from a supply chain planning perspective. 

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