Supply Chain Now Episode 579

You have hardworking men and women that come to work every day looking to make a contribution, but unless someone takes the time to break and distill down the magic words of the output of corporate objectives into actionable sound bites, it doesn’t connect. It never connects. So the first Leadership Attribute is clearly communicating Compelling Business Need.”

-Jake Barr, CEO, Blue World Supply Chain Consulting

In the replay of this first TEKTOK live stream, Karin Bursa and Scott Luton welcome Jake Barr, CEO of Blue World Consulting as they tackle the topic of 5 Leadership Attributes to Drive Supply Chain Success including:
1) Transparency around Compelling Business Need (CBN) driving the need for change
2) “Outside In” Thinking to look at our business as our customers would see us and look at other industries for inspiration
3) Be willing to Experiment, Learn and Fail in the transformation effort
4) Ability to Define Agility and what it means to your business.
5) Recognition of Culture and Reward Metrics and how they impact desired outcomes

Jake Barr An acknowledged industry leader, Jake now serves as CEO for BlueWorld Supply Chain Consulting, providing support to a cross section of Fortune 500 companies such as Cargill, Caterpillar, Dow/Dupont, 3M, Merck, Bayer/Monsanto, Newell Brands, Nestle, PepsiCo, Sanofi, Estee Lauder and Coty among others. He’s also devoted time to engagements in public health sector work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. At P&G, he managed the breakthrough delivery of an E2E (End to End) Planning Transformation effort, creating control towers which now manage the daily business globally. He is recognized as the architect for P&G’s demand driven supply chain strategy – referenced as a “Consumer Driven Supply Chain” transformation. Jake began his career with P&G in Finance in Risk Analysis and then moved into Operations. He has experience in building supply network capability globally through leadership assignments in Asia, Latin America and North America. He currently serves as a Research Associate for MIT; a member of Supply Chain 2020 Industry Advisory Council; Member of Gartner’s Supply Chain Think Tank; Consumer Goods “League of Leaders“; and a recipient of the 2015 – 2019 Supply Chain “Pro’s to Know” Award.


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