Supply Chain Now Episode 573

“Our team is made up of people that have heart, which you can’t teach, and who have the expertise to be able to help us carry forward the vision.”

– Tracie Ohonme, co-founder of Samaritan’s Feet


Most people strive to reach a place in their lives when they are comfortable, and their situation is predictable. Emmanuel and Tracie Ohonme reached that point and realized that they were being called to do more. They had seen kindness and generosity modeled by others and seized the opportunity to enter a rewarding but uncertain full-time ministry.

Samaritan’s Feet was started in 2003 with the “big, hairy, audacious goal” of providing 10 million pairs of shoes to 10 million individuals over the next 10 years. 18 years later, they have provided 8 million pairs of shoes in 108 countries and over 435 U.S. cities.

In this episode, Tracie and Angela tell the Samaritan’s Feet story to Co-hosts Enrique Alvarez and Scott Luton:

· How Samaritan’s Feet makes the presentation of each pair of shoes a personal and transformative experience for the recipient

· The ways in which they have changed their outreach to be able to continue giving during the COVID-19 pandemic

· The challenges and power of managing with a servant leader mentality

Tracie Ohonme is the co-founder of Samaritan’s Feet and the guardian of our culture and chief encourager. She loves seeing our team, as well as those we serve with, reach their potential and utilize their platform to make a difference. Developing our Women Ambassador program and seeing computer learning centers being built in Africa and the success of their Barefoot Gala has been so meaningful for her. She loves serving her children, traveling with her husband, and of course, shoe shopping!

Angela Carlson has a 20 year history in executive leadership in the for-profit and non-profit arenas working in finance, operations and HR. She has strong entrepreneurial and professional skills with expertise in Budgeting, Forecasting, Cash Flow Management, HR Policies & Manual creation, Customer Service processes, and customer relationship\operational software. Angela have a unique knack for interpreting ideas and desires into company policy. She can facilitate change in an organization, while creating a company culture based upon core values. Couple this with strong technical skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CRM, and accounting applications, and it allows her to create end-to-end customer facing & back office operational processes. Further, she possesses great employee coaching skills with an ability to train and deploy these new customer and operational processes to the entire team with efficiency.

Adrian Purtill serves as Business Development Manager at Vector Global Logistics, where he consults with importers and exporters in various industries to match their specific shipping requirements with the most effective supply chain solutions. Vector Global Logistics is an asset-free, multi-modal logistics company that provides exceptional sea freight, air freight, truck, rail, general logistic services and consulting for our clients. Our highly trained and professional team is committed to providing creative and effective solutions, always exceeding our customer’s expectations and fostering long-term relationships. With more than 20+ years of experience in both strategy consulting and logistics, Vector Global Logistics is your best choice to proactively minimize costs while having an exceptional service level. Learn more about Vector Global Logistics here:


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