Supply Chain Now Episode 568

The demand plan is the heartbeat of the supply chain. It’s the heartbeat of the organization because it’s used for not just the supply chain for materials, planning and finished product planning. It’s also used for financial planning and to enable other things across the business.”

-Craig Ablin, Owner, CABLIN Consulting

In this episode of TEKTOK, powered by Supply Chain Now, host Karin Bursa welcomes Craig Ablin, owner of CABLIN Consulting, to discuss the six levers that drive digital and physical supply chain success.

Craig Ablin is the owner of CABLIN Consulting.  Craig has 27 years of operational results in the consumer products industry.  He optimized and created Supply Chains at Procter & Gamble and Lassonde Pappas.  Craig also led a $400M Sales function growing revenue 42% during an industry recession.  Connect with Craig on LinkedIn.


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