Supply Chain Now Episode 558

“The trucking industry is the eyes and ears of our nation’s highways. They’re in places that most people aren’t, and they can recognize potential victims of human trafficking more than the rest of us.”

– Laura Cyrus, Truckers Against Trafficking


Because logistics and supply chain professionals make their living connecting communities, Supply Chain Now often has the opportunity to bring different groups of people together into one, larger conversation. In this livestream, the team does just that, exploring the opportunities truckers have to protect the most vulnerable members of society and talking about making our regular content available to a Spanish-speaking audience.

In this livestream, Laura Cyrus, Sofia Rivas Herrera, Scott Luton, and Enrique Alvarez discuss and engage with the audience in real time about:

· Why it is important to ensure that companies and supply chain professionals in Latin America are able to be part of the Supply Chain Now conversation

· How drivers across North America are coming together to serve as a ‘mobile army’ in the fight against human trafficking

· The opportunities the Supply Chain Now audience has to get involved and make s difference

Laura Cyrus, director of corporate engagement with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), has been with the organization since 2013, beginning as an intern while completing her master’s degree at the Korbel School within the University of Denver. There, she studied international human rights, completing dual specializations in forced labor and human trafficking and international administration and law. Laura has served in various positions during her time at TAT and enjoys being involved in both the macro and micro aspects of running a national non-profit organization. She travels nationally to speak on behalf of TAT, enabling her to build relationships with relevant industry stakeholders and activate new partners. Whether speaking with supply chain leaders, sustainability and CSR directors, trucking company executives, or the everyday heroes of the road (aka American truck drivers), Laura enjoys sharing her passion on the topic of anti-trafficking efforts and encouraging everyone to find the most effective way they can be a change-maker in this work.

Sofia Rivas Herrera is a Mexican Industrial Engineer from Tecnologico de Monterrey class 2019. Upon graduation she earned a scholarship to study MIT’s Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and graduated as one of the Top 3 performers of her class in 2020. She also has a multicultural background due to her international academic experiences at Singapore Management University and Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg. Sofia self identifies as a Supply Chain enthusiast & ambassador sharing her passion for the field in her daily life.


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