Supply Chain Now Episode 572

“Whenever you go into a new industry – like going to a new country, – you have to learn the lay of the land and try and find a way to solve a problem with a profitable solution.”

– Kabir Shagaya Founder and CEO of Zippy Logistics


The last mile is the biggest challenge in any supply chain. For Kabir Shagaya, Founder and CEO of Zippy Logistics, it is a challenge that he has met with a number of approaches to small business supply chains and delivery services – all of them “Zippy.”

From their modern warehouse in Nigeria, Zippy Logistics works directly with different types of small retailers and e-Commerce providers to provide complete logistics and supply chain solutions and services.

In this episode, Kabir shares with Co-hosts Greg White and Scott Luton:

· Why the ‘owner’ of the last mile also owns the customer relationship – and the good or bad reputation that comes with it, deserved or not

· How he has worked with shippers to keep their costs low by helping them understand his own cost drivers and delivery schedules

· The innovations he developed to allow Zippy to grow without knowing that other companies around the world were experimenting with them at the same time

Kabir Shagaya is Zippy Logistics CEO and founder of Zippy Logistics. Shagaya has a master’s degree in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. He has served as a director of the Clinton Climate Foundation and was the technical adviser to Lagos State on climate issues and carbon emissions. As director of C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, he helped to formulate policies and manage negotiations between the public sector, private sector and international organisations. As a director of the Clinton Climate Initiative, he designed and implemented a “Rural Illumination Project” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eradicate the use of kerosene lanterns, wood fires and other environmentally damaging methods of lighting in rural areas that aren’t connected to the national grid. Shagaya says his own “lightbulb moment” was discovering a logistics gap in the Nigerian market and recognising the cost and efficiency advantages of load consolidation, particularly in a region where there are infrastructure challenges. Zippy Logistics started out creating logistics solutions for the e-commerce sector in Nigeria. We were one of the first partners for Jumia, Konga and DealDey, among others. Currently, Zippy facilitates trade by connecting buyers and sellers. We help businesses grow and expand quickly by providing access to retail customers in existing, new and underserved markets. Our services include warehousing, distribution, procurement consulting and e-commerce management. We have a staff complement of 75, including contractual workers. Our network of operations spans across the modern trade retail sector in Nigeria. We are in partnerships with the over seven supermarket chains in the region, including Shoprite, Spar and Game.

Jenny Froome is the Acting Chief Operating Officer at SAPICS – which is the Professional Body for Supply Chain Management in South Africa but working with countries around the world to have Supply Chain Management recognised as a profession. She started her professional career in the UK as a secretary and then moved to event management. Little did she know that as an event manager she was actually practicing supply chain management every day! In 1997 they managed their first ever SAPICS annual conference in South Africa and the rest, as they say, is history! Now managing the SAPICS annual conference – the leading event in Africa for supply chain professionals – as an online event until we get control of Covid-19. We long for the opportunity to get back to face to face events. In the meantime we keep our community connected. She is on a mission to shine the spotlight on supply chains in Africa and the wealth of supply chain talent that is available on the continent.


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