This Week In Supply Chain Now: April 5th – 9th

It’s been a great week here at Supply Chain Now! Stay in the loop with all our latest conversations right here.

We kicked off the week on Monday with 3 new episodes!

In this episode, Greg White and Scott Luton welcomed Logan Ensign with Alloy and Katlyn Davis with Valvoline to Supply Chain Now to discuss how sales and supply chain can work together for retail success.

On This Week in Business History, host Scott W. Luton interviewed an entertainment industry trailblazer: Ellen Snortland. In this wide-ranging, fascinating discussion, Ellen shares her incredible journey from helping her family survive a horrible, life-changing flood in South Dakota t0 forming the first all-female theater company in Santa Barbara, California – – and beyond!

On Supply Chain Now en Espanol, hosts Enrique Alvarez and Demo Pérez welcomed Juan Carlos Croston, president of the Caribbean Shipping Association, to the podcast.

On Tuesday, we released 2 new episodes.

TEK TOK Digital Supply Chain Podcast released a replay of its latest livestream in which hosts Karin Bursa and Scott Luton welcomed Mallery Dosdall with Red Wing Shoe Co. to learn how S&OP can make an enormous impact on business.

On TECHquila Sunrise, host Greg White discusses the 5 things supply chain tech WON’T do for you.

On Wednesday, Supply Chain Now welcomed a leader within the manufacturing industry who serves as CEO, President, and Co-Founder of Pioneer Services: Aneesa Muthana.

On Thursday, we released The Supply Chain Buzz, Supply Chain Now’s regular Monday livestream that focuses on leading stories from global supply chain and global business. In this episode, we welcomed Elliott Paige, a Director at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, who shared with us the changes he’s seen over the past year in cargo demand, human travel, and air freight.

On Friday, Our Logistics With Purpose series welcomed Seth Swindle and Bart Smelley with Filter of Hope, an organization that has developed and delivered new filter technologies to bring clean drinking water to more than 65 countries (and counting!).

Which was your favorite episode? Make sure you tune in next week for more great conversation, timely topics, and exceptional guests on Supply Chain Now!

Jose Miguel Irarrazaval

Host, Logistics with Purpose

Jose Manuel Irarrazaval es parte del equipo de Vector Global Logistics Chile. José Manuel es un gerente experimentado con experiencia en finanzas corporativas, fusiones y adquisiciones, financiamiento y reestructuración, inversión directa y financiera, tanto en Chile como en el exterior. José Manuel tiene su MBA de la Universidad de Pennsylvania- The Wharton School. Conéctese con Jose Manuel en LinkedIn.

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