This Week In Supply Chain Now: August 30th – September 3rd

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We started our week off with a Dial P for Procurement episode hosted by Kelly and Scott. They welcomed Member Services Manager at Una, Crystal Villareal and Philip Ideson, Founder and Managing Director, Art of Procurement. During the show, they discussed how to convert your vision for customer experiences into a set of tasks and priorities that guide your daily work and more.

On This Week in Business History, Kelly has a very exciting lineup of stories! The topics in this episode ranged from the founder of the first African-American magazine to the introduction of the ATM.

On Tuesday, Scott had the great opportunity of interviewing Dan Gingiss, Chief Experience Officer at The Experience Maker, LLC. In this episode, Scott talks with Dan about the secrets behind crafting remarkable customer interactions.

On Wednesday, we published another episode of Logistics With Purpose with hosts Enrique Alverez, Matilda Ahrin, and Books for Africa’s Pat Plonski. The special guest for this episode was Madame Ambassador Hilda Suka Mafudze with the African Union. As you listen to this episode, look forward to learning about the goals of the AU’s continental free trade area, the effort to turn raw goods into finished products in-continent, and infrastructure investment opportunities. 

For this week’s Supply Chain Buzz, Scott and Greg welcomed Bill Sullivan, the Executive Vice President of Advocacy with the American Trucking Associations, to the show. During this episode, they talk about a 1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill that passed and some of the future difficulties for the trucking industry.

On Friday’s Supply Chain Now episode, Scott had the wonderful opportunity to interview Rachel Clark, Undergraduate President of the Howard University Supply Chain Student Association. Rachel is also the founder of Waves of Change and Global Supplier Management (GSM) Intern, Cisco. This episode details the lessons she has learned along the way pertaining to supply chain management and global planning.

On this week’s episode of Supply Chain is Boring host Chris Barnes talks about how a doctor in economics impacts supply chain management with Dave Anderson of Supply Chain Ventures.

Great content came across Supply Chain Now’s platform this week! What was your favorite episode? Make sure you tune in next week for more great conversation, timely topics, and exceptional guests on Supply Chain Now!

Jose Miguel Irarrazaval

Host, Logistics with Purpose

Jose Manuel Irarrazaval es parte del equipo de Vector Global Logistics Chile. José Manuel es un gerente experimentado con experiencia en finanzas corporativas, fusiones y adquisiciones, financiamiento y reestructuración, inversión directa y financiera, tanto en Chile como en el exterior. José Manuel tiene su MBA de la Universidad de Pennsylvania- The Wharton School. Conéctese con Jose Manuel en LinkedIn.

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