Supply Chain Now Episode 574

“So many pain points in the supply chain are caused because companies don’t have a grip on what’s really going on at the point of sale.”

– Logan Ensign, VP Client Solutions at Alloy


There are plenty of technology platforms available that, while they do serve a user or business need, they solve it so poorly that users have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the login screen. Logan Ensign, VP Client Solutions at Alloy, wanted to be a part of designing and rolling out a platform that would solve problems so well people would want to log in and get to work.

He found that opportunity at Alloy, a solution that makes it easier to succeed in industries where consumer demand is regularly shifting and changing. By helping companies respond more quickly to shifting signals in the supply chain, he makes it easier and more cost effective for them to get their products to market.

In this episode, Logan describes for Co-hosts Greg White and Scott Luton:

· The full scale of the data challenge for companies with multiple sales channels and an overwhelming amount of supply chain data.

· The danger that is created when companies in the supply chain have mismatched incentives.

· Why sales and supply chain teams need to do a better job of working together – driven by a single version of the ‘truth’

Logan Ensign is an expert in predictive analytics. As VP Client Solutions at Alloy, Logan leads the team that works closely with customers to help them maximize value from the platform. They are focused on ensuring fast implementation, delivering trainings, sharing best practices and conducting regular business reviews. He joined Alloy from, where he led the company’s highest end service, Momentum PRIME. For customers who wanted to use predictive analytics to transform their sales operations, his team formed long-term relationships focused on optimizing sales process and strategy and ultimately delivering and showcasing value. Logan’s early career was at RIC Insurance General Agency, where he worked in Corporate Strategy and Sales. He holds a degree in Biology and minor in Economics from Stanford University.


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