Supply Chain Now Episode 564

“I advise people to have a different perspective on what selling is. It’s really about learning to influence people in a positive way, not just by strong arming them or forcing them into your position.”

– Mario Rivera, Vice President of Development and Innovations with ID Logistics


Mario Rivera describes himself as intense, high energy, and hard working. But when asked questions about what really makes the difference in creative problem solving, it all comes down to one thing: listening. As the Vice President of Development and Innovations with ID Logistics, he has plenty of opportunities to listen to others, and he is often surprised by what he hears.

If we listen – really listen – to the people we are speaking to and working with, we are likely to hear a number of important things. We hear their personal successes and struggles, we hear what they are actually looking for in a deal, and most importantly, we can hear opportunities for mutual long-term gain.

In this interview, Mario shares his point of view on creative, real-world problem solving with Supply Chain Now Co-hosts Greg White and Scott Luton:

· Why almost everything we do in life is actually selling, and how we can increase the likelihood of our success

· The danger of working with people that paint themselves into a specific role and then refuse to look beyond what they see as their responsibilities

· The fundamental shift he believes is coming towards micro-fulfillment, and what that is going to mean for asset-heavy players in the supply chain space

Mario Rivera is the Vice President of Development and Innovations with ID Logistics. He has 15+ years experience in developing, implementing and operating supply chain management solutions for large scale corporations. He is experienced across multiple functions including Engineering, Program Management, Business Development and IT working with customers in a variety of industries.


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