Supply Chain Now Episode 567

“If your business plan isn’t solid, if your market isn’t solid, you’re still going nowhere. You’re just spending somebody else’s money and you’re going to fail.”

– JP Wiggins, 3Gtms


Beyond their common focus on supply chain innovation and digital transformation, JP Wiggins, Will Haraway, and Scott Luton share another passion: baseball. Whether it is the mechanics of the game, the statistics, or the written/unwritten rules, they follow the game closely. But even JP, a certified umpire, couldn’t read the ‘industry pitch calls’ in 2020.

JP Wiggins manages channels and partnerships for 3Gtms and Will Haraway is the Chief Content Officer for Lead Coverage and the Founder & Lead Evangelist at Backbeat Marketing.

In this conversation, JP and Will share their points of view with Host Scott Luton:

· Why the speed of innovative transformation is accelerating from years to months and what that means for companies and industries

· Why transportation management systems (TMS) are the fastest growing segment in supply chain management

· The geopolitical complexities that are not only increasing costs, but they are also making export container capacity hard to find

JP Wiggins manages channels and partnerships for 3Gtms. He was most recently at SAP where he was the solution principal focusing on SAP’s transportation, warehouse and event management offerings in North America and previously directed industry marketing for the company’s transportation and logistics business unit. Before SAP, he was senior vice president and general manager for Descartes Systems Group’s supply chain, transportation and logistics applications business, and also had been vice president of product management for the company. Previously, JP was co-founder and senior vice president of logistics for Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log); co-founder and vice president of product management at dx/dt; and vice president of logistics at Weseley Software. He holds degrees in transportation & logistics and marketing from The Ohio State University.

Will Haraway is the Chief Content Officer for Lead Coverage and the Founder & Lead Evangelist at Backbeat Marketing. Will has 20 years of executive experience in B2B Technology Marketing. Will is a certified analyst relations practitioner by the Knowledge Capital Group and has helped companies including Manhattan Associates, Aptos, Atlantix Global Systems, American Software and Rubicon Global improve their brand reputations with marketing results that help increase sales. Will also serves as a member of the APICS Atlanta Executive Advisory Board. 


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