Supply Chain Now Episode 577

“If you ignore supply chain in this day and age, if you’re throwing one or two small resources at it, you are absolutely missing out and setting yourself up for some uncomfortable issues in the future.”

– Tony Spielberg, Manufacturing Ambassador for Cambridge Air Solutions


“I have a passion for learning because I think that is what creates the culture. If we learn together, then we’re going to be stronger across the board, no matter what, what environment you’re in.”

– Jan Freyburgher, CRO of OpusWorks® by The Quality Group (TQG)


“I admire the AME team for shifting all the events online – all of that effort, despite the fact that we couldn’t meet in person – allowed us to stay in touch with the AME community.”

– Errette Dunn, CEO of Rever


Most organizations in the manufacturing world have some form of continuous improvement program in place today. What we’re finding is a lot of them are now questioning whether they are getting the most out of them, if they are driving breakthrough results.”

– Lee Alves, Partner at Simpler Consulting, an IBM Company


To get a broad perspective on what prevailing trends may drive manufacturing in 2021, Supply Chain Now brought together a panel of thought leaders with differing perspectives on manufacturing: Lee Alves, Partner at Simpler Consulting, an IBM Company; Jan Freyburgher, CRO of OpusWorks® by The Quality Group (TQG); Errette Dunn, CEO of Rever; and Tony Spielberg, Manufacturing Ambassador for Cambridge Air Solutions.

In this episode, Lee, Jan, Errette, and Tony share their unique points of view with Supply Chain Now Co-hosts Greg White and Scott Luton:

· The trends, issues, and big happenings each of them has observed in manufacturing, including their primary take aways from AME 2020

· How manufacturers are recovering from the disruption in 2020 and setting their sights on delivering breakthrough results

· The encouraging rise of frontline workers, whether they have officially been labeled “essential” or not

Joining Simpler in 2001, Lee Alves has over 23 years of leadership experience in the delivery of successful large-scale Lean transformations across a broad range of industries and companies. His industry segment experience includes aerospace manufacturing, maintenance and repair, large scale manufacturing, high volume low mix environments, and Public Sector environments. Lee’s Lean journey began in 1989 under the guidance of the Shingijutsu Autonomous Study Group out of Japan while working at Pratt and Whitney Engines. During this time he was one of the architects of the Turbine Airfoils Business which led to his first successful Lean transformation. The results were featured in Chapter Six of Lean Thinking by James Womack and Daniel Jones. Lee also worked at Honeywell and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics where he was responsible for Lean enterprise transformation across major facilities across the United States and Mexico. Between 1989 and 2001, Lee led several significant large-scale Lean transformations with in excess of $100 million savings between the three organizations. Additionally, achieving text book results in human development, quality, delivery, cost and productivity measured in double digit savings. These improvements resulted in gaining market share and gaining customer confidence during this turbulent time. Since joining Simpler North America in 2001, Lee has led many enterprise wide transformations across the United States Army, Navy, and Air Force. At the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Lee supported the development of Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st century (AFSO21) and provided coaching and mentorship to the Secretary of Air Force as well as to four star Generals across the Department of Defense (DOD). Additionally, Lee now is responsible for successful client outcomes across all Public Sector clients who include the DOD, government agencies, and defense contractors. Lee’s experience and coaching have made him a recognized leader across the Public Sector. He is continuously sought after for advice and counsel at the most senior levels of the industry. He has also supported over 28 Shingo Prize Winners across the DOD. Additionally, he was recognized by the Defense Manufacturing, Technology Achievement award for his work with the Lean Depot Repair Project. Lee is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology. He lives in Georgia with his wife and two children.

Jan Freyburgher is CRO of OpusWorks® by The Quality Group (TQG) and an advocate of blended learning, workforce development and continuous process improvement. For over 20 years, Jan has worked with companies to help enable them to more rapidly and simply scale their Lean/Six Sigma/OPEX initiatives. The OpusWorks system prepares, propels, and praises people for deployment success via flexible and collaborative blended e-Learning, integrated with a customizable project tracking and execution platform.

OpusWorks proudly serves Fortune 1000 sized clients, state / government agencies, academic institutions, and healthcare providers including Amazon, Cargill, Caterpillar, CSL Behring, Prudential, State MEPs, and U.S. Air Force. OpusWorks customers experience personal attention, world-class tools, and amazing content as they accelerate learning to results.

Jan is passionate about the power of learning and extending oneself to transform the lives of others. She has past served on the board of the Optimist Club, as Vice President, Indianapolis Chapter and currently spends her non-working hours focusing on local community efforts in Southwest Florida. Jan began her career at the City of Noblesville, IN as Parks and Recreation Director and earned certifications from Indiana University – Purdue University in Behavior Modification and Addiction Intervention.

As the CEO of Rever, Errette Dunn helps global industrial companies to execute their Operational Objectives through Frontline Excellence. Rever connects people who identify problems with people who can solve them within an organization. Previously, Dunn worked at Toyota, Airbus, Eurocopter and Wrike, helping teams and business units to become more effective, efficient, and accomplished; mostly through the use of Lean practices and Change Management. Dunn is an Industrial Engineer by trade, MBA by chance, wannabe rock-star by night, an entrepreneur from the start, and a proud father of five.

Tony Spielberg serves as Manufacturing Ambassador for Cambridge Air Solutions.  Spielberg brings vast experience in manufacturing, sales engagement, business operations, and business development to his new role at Cambridge. As the former CEO of BCI Packaging, Spielberg’s primary focus at Cambridge will be on building relationships and connecting opportunities with existing and future customers.

Spielberg is no stranger to the world of business development. During his tenure at BCI, he helped to grow the company in a way that created meaningful work for its employees, both driving growth in the community and increasing revenue. Prior to that, Spielberg provided extensive leadership and strategic planning expertise to companies throughout the St. Louis region.

As a lifelong businessman, he has helped to start and grow multiple companies throughout his career. His success will no doubt continue by helping provide visibility on the factory floor for manufacturers with Cambridge Air Solutions.


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