Supply Chain Now Episode 566

“Samsung & Austin haven’t just met, as the company already has an existing chip plant in Silicon Hills, a nickname that has caught on since the 1990s in Austin due to all the tech & development growth. Samsung is looking at creating 1800 jobs to staff the potential 7M square foot facility.”  -Scott Luton

In the February 4th edition of the Business Buzz, host Scott W. Luton tackles a variety of developments including the computer chip shortage, a changing of the guard at Merck, Godiva makes a big change in the U.S. market & more. And in a new Faith in Humanity segment, Scott shares an intriguing story of one education professional going the extra mile or two in order to support his students. We should all strive to be as good as one Mr. Henry Darby.


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Samsung looking at Austin for major plant:
Ford scales back F-150 production due to lack of chips:
Merck’s Kenneth Frazier set to retire:
CBO releases economic projections:
Godiva closes stores in U.S.:
How much for a 30 sec spot in SB55:
Principal goes the extra mile: