This Week In Supply Chain Now: June 21st – 25th

It’s a supply chain summer! Check out all the latest conversations, interviews, and episodes we released this week here at Supply Chain Now.

On Monday, we released 3 new episodes!

On this episode of Supply Chain Now, Ratelinx‘s Nate Endicott, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Alliances, and Andrew Hooser, Vice President of Customer Solutions, discuss their company’s journey with Co-hosts Greg White and Scott Luton.

On This Week in Business History, host Scott W. Luton picks up on the story of 3 legendary pioneers: Marie Curie, Alan Turing and Ed Bradley.

On Supply Chain Now en Espanol, host Enrique Alvarez welcomes special guest Demos Perez to the podcast to get an update on supply chain and logistics in Panama and the rest of Latin America.

On Tuesday, Mike Griswold, Vice President of Research at Gartner, joined our hosts Scott Luton and Greg White on the Supply Chain Now podcast to talk about the latest in retail supply chains from an analyst’s perspective.

On Wednesday, Gifts for Good‘s Chief Impact Officer Jenise Steverding joined our Logistics with Purpose podcast to share how she melded a knack for logistics with a propensity for giving back with hosts Enrique Alvarez and Kristi Porter.

On Thursday, we released a replay of the Supply Chain Buzz. In this episode, hosts Scott Luton and Greg White welcome Kevin L. Jackson to the show to discuss the top news in supply chain this week.

We ended the week on Friday with 2 episodes!

On this episode of Dial P for Procurement, Lori B. Chennault, Jeanette Nyden, and Kurt Albertson sat down with co-hosts Kelly Barner and Scott Luton to examine the process of collaborating with suppliers ‘under pressure’ from three different perspectives: head of procurement at a large enterprise, contract negotiation expert, and industry analyst.

On this episode of Supply Chain is Boring, our host Chris Barnes welcomed Rodney Apple, a long-time supply chain recruiter, career coach and fellow podcast host, to the show to learn more about careers in supply chain management.

Which was your favorite episode? Make sure you tune in next week for more great conversation, timely topics, and exceptional guests on Supply Chain Now!

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Kim Reuter


From humble beginnings working the import docks, representing Fortune 500 giants, Ford, Michelin Tire, and Black & Decker; to Amazon technology patent holder and Nordstrom Change Leader, Kimberly Reuter has designed, implemented, and optimized best-in-class, highly scalable global logistics and retail operations all over the world. Kimberly’s ability to set strategic vision supported by bomb-proof processes, built on decades of hands-on experience, has elevated her to legendary status. Sought after by her peers and executives for her intellectual capital and keen insights, Kimberly is a thought leader in the retail logistics industry.

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Jose Miguel Irarrazaval

Host, Logistics with Purpose

Jose Manuel Irarrazaval es parte del equipo de Vector Global Logistics Chile. José Manuel es un gerente experimentado con experiencia en finanzas corporativas, fusiones y adquisiciones, financiamiento y reestructuración, inversión directa y financiera, tanto en Chile como en el exterior. José Manuel tiene su MBA de la Universidad de Pennsylvania- The Wharton School. Conéctese con Jose Manuel en LinkedIn.

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