Supply Chain Now Episode 559

“One of the biggest challenges we have right now is that technology is outpacing security. You can’t have a quality product, a quality service, a quality network, unless you build in rather than bolt on security.”

– Dave Stehlin, CEO of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)


When most consumers think about telecommunications, they are likely to focus on the devices they use to access it. None of those gadgets would have any value, however, without the vast improvements in connectivity we have seen over the last few years. And because the telecommunications supply chain is so complex, pervasive, international and cross-jurisdictional, companies have to be able to work cooperatively with a number of governments to operate and innovate.

Dave Stehlin (TIA), Chris Poli (CommScope), and Thomas Carter (Dealbox, Total Network Service Corp.) work with firms that play different roles in the telecommunications industry.

In this podcast based on the Supply Chain Now livestream program Digital Transformers, Dave, Chris, and Thomas tell Co-hosts Kevin L. Jackson and Scott Luton:

· About the mind-boggling number of services, components, and teams that are required to make modern telecommunications connectivity possible

· The opportunities associated with the switch from hardware-based programs to software and apps

· How blockchain-based technology may hold the key to advancements in connectivity without sacrificing security

Dave Stehlin joined TIA in September 2019. He brings more than 30 years of experience leading the development and implementation of key business and technology strategies in the telecommunications industry. Most recently, Mr. Stehlin was the General Manager of Spirent Communications’ ( SPT:L) Lifecycle Service Assurance business segment focusing on creating and providing innovative testing and analysis solutions for advanced telecommunications systems and network around the globe. He has also been instrumental in the leadership of multiple public and private networking companies including CEO of MRV Communications (MRVC) and CEO of Ceterus Networks as well as President of Overture Networks. Mr Stehlin has a keen understanding of how to navigate the business, technology and government factors that affect our industry.

Prior to starting his career in the ICT industry, Dave was a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps.

He hold a B.S. degree from the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD and an M.B.A. from National University in San Diego, CA.

Chris Poli has been with CommScope for over 20 years – first as a Systems Engineer and currently in Product Line Management. He covers CommScope’s PKI Center, Conditional Access and MediaCipher Products. CommScope’s WebTrust audited PKI Center produces or delivers over 700M security credentials per year, including DOCSIS 3.1, CBRS, DTCP, Netflix, and Widevine certificates to devices spanning mobile phones, access points, cable modems, routers, and set-tops delivered securely to the factory, in home, or to repair/service centers, as well as credentials directly to SOC manufacturers. Other PKI related services also include private CA Hosting, code signing (secure boot, platform, application), on-line credential delivery, white-box obfuscation, software feature licensing, and specialty security services.

Thomas Carter is an entrepreneur innovation futurist with over 25 years capital markets fintech experience. He has taken two companies public and has helped over 400 with capital markets advisory. Thomas is the founder and chairman of Dealbox,  a digital issuance capital markets advisory company focused on emerging blockchain ventures. He is the founder and CEO of Total Network Services Corp, a blockchain infrastructure company focused on technologies that make blockchain crypto easier.


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