Supply Chain Now Episode 569

“it’s not about the generous return policies that are driving returns. It’s about customers not getting their expectations met. And if they don’t, they expect easy returns.”

-Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director, Reverse Logistics Association


In this episode of Supply Chain Now, Scott and Greg kick off the new live stream series with the Reverse Logistics Association and welcome Tony Sciarrotta with RLA and Chuck Johnston with goTRG to the show.

Chuck Johnston Early in his career he served in the Army and upon he departure he worked in the Defense industry for around 5 years. Then he moved into Retail with WMT in 1988 and for the next 24 years he did design and construction of warehouses and Operations management. Most of his focus was in the area of specialty warehousing (Imports, Exports, Reverse). He is responsible for establishing the automated process for managing returns. In 2011 he moved to Home Depot to help them develop and grow their reverse network. In 2016 he retired and moved into the 3PL industry with GoTRG to help grow their footprint in the Reverse space. Chuck has been married for 40 years with five children and seven grandchildren.

Tony Sciarrotta serves as Executive Director of the Reverse Logistics Association. He was nominated and selected by the Board to serve as the Executive Director on August 1, 2016. Since Mr. Sciarrotta had been an active member serving in committee leadership of Reverse Logistics Association since 2005, he had also served on the Board of RLA from 2005 to 2012 while employed at Philips Consumer Lifestyle as their Director of Sales & Marketing. So it was a simple decision for the selection team at RLA to approve Mr. Sciarrotta. Since his experience, qualifications and service to RLA was more than substantial to meet the requirement that was needed as the next Executive Director. Mr. Sciarrotta has held a variety of sales and marketing positions in the consumer electronics industry for over 35 years, most recently as the President of Reverse IT Sales & Consulting. Tony brings so much experience to the RLA team, including 25 years at Philips Consumer Lifestyle. His background helped prepare him for a developmental role as director for returns management activities, and in 1998 Tony was assigned to create and manage a cross functional department to reduce returns and their associated costs. He was successful at implementing effective returns policies and procedures with a variety of dealers, and in 2005, Tony assumed responsibility for maximizing asset recovery of all returned consumer goods. Tony has specifically targeted best avenues for reselling returned goods at the model level, by using tools developed with finance support. In 2013, after establishing best-in-class results for returns in the consumer goods industry, Tony retired from Philips and now sits on various committees and industry groups. Learn more about the Reverse Logistics Association here:


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