This Week In Supply Chain Now: September 6th – September 10th

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We started our week off with a conversation on Supply Chain Now with not one, but two Allisons! Scott and Greg had the opportunity to talk with Allison Grealis the President of the Women in Manufacturing Association and Education Foundation, and Allison Giddens the Co-President of Win-Tech and Treasurer of the Georgia Chapter of Women in Manufacturing.

Scott focused on the history of Labor Day in Monday’s This Week in Business History’s episode. Scott talks about the history of the holiday and the part that everyone plays when it comes to the global workforce.

On Tuesday, we published a new episode of TEKTOK with host Karin Bursa featuring Greg White, host of TECHquila Sunrise. During this episode Karin talks with Greg about his perspective on how to be successful in today’s HOT Supply Chain Tech market.

On Wednesday’s episode of Supply Chain Now, Scott and special co-host Mike Griswold, Vice President of Research at Gartner, interviewed Scott Mann. Scott Mann is known for being a Green Beret, Retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, and President of Rooftop Leadership. They all discuss the tactics that were used by the Green Berets for over 20 years in Afghanistan and the special mission to rescue Americans and Afghans after the Taliban’s recent takeover.

For Thursday’s episode of Supply Chain Now, Scott interviews Sarbjeet Johal. Sarbjeet has spent over 25 years in Business to Business technology, and he worked for many companies from CommerceOne to Oracle. In this episode, Scott and Sarbjeet discuss the do’s and don’ts in the age of micro consumption.

On Friday we released a new episode of Logistics With Purpose.  In this episode, Kelly Cobb, Vice President of Community and Giving for Bombas joins the show and gives insight on the charitable movements that Bombas have been involved in since 2013.

This week’s episode of Veteran Voices is produced in partnership with Vets2Industry, and sponsored by Buyers Meeting Point and Dial P for Procurement. Scott had the great opportunity to interview Katie Prill, owner of Love and Lettering by Katie, along with special guest host, Monica Fullerton, Founder and CEO of Spouse-ly. In this episode, they discussed the challenges of being a working military spouse.

This week has been packed with so many great stories! What was your favorite episode? Make sure you tune in next week for more great conversation, timely topics, and exceptional guests on Supply Chain Now!

Jose Miguel Irarrazaval

Host, Logistics with Purpose

Jose Manuel Irarrazaval es parte del equipo de Vector Global Logistics Chile. José Manuel es un gerente experimentado con experiencia en finanzas corporativas, fusiones y adquisiciones, financiamiento y reestructuración, inversión directa y financiera, tanto en Chile como en el exterior. José Manuel tiene su MBA de la Universidad de Pennsylvania- The Wharton School. Conéctese con Jose Manuel en LinkedIn.

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