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On Monday, Supply Chain Now hosts Jeff Miller (Supply Chain Is The Business) and Jamin Alvidrez (Logistics and Beyond!) sat down with Wayne Cragg a professional driver, photographer and social media influencer.

On Tuesday, Bobby Holland from U.S. Bank and Frank Hurst of Roadrunner Freight shared the results of the on the Q4 2020 report, interpreting what they may mean for the economy and the shipping industry in the short and longer term with Greg White and Scott Luton

On Wednesday, Mario Rivera of ID Logistics joined the Supply Chain Now podcast to talk about creative, real-world problem solving with Co-hosts Greg White and Scott Luton

On Thursday, Scott, Greg, Karin sat down with Lee Klaskow from  Bloomberg Intelligence, one of the leading industry analysts, especially as it relates to logistics and transportation

On Friday, Scott Luton tackled a variety of developments including from this past week on the Business Buzz, including the computer chip shortage, a changing of the guard at Merck, Godiva makes a big change in the U.S. market & more.


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