Supply Chain Now Episode 578

“Often we think digital transformation is about technology changing everything and that humans will be lost. That’s not true… Humans are making transformation happen. We own the technology so there needs to be a better relationship between humans and the technology.”

-M. Nadia Vincent, CEO, Digital Transformation Leaders


Amazon, Tesla, PayPal, and Mastercard are all using bitcoin. Should cryptocurrency be a part of your digital transformation? Join us Kevin L. Jackson on this episode of Digital Transformers where we will explore the importance of digital currency and blockchain technology to global supply chains and B2B commerce. Joining us on the show will be M. Nadia Vincent, CEO of Digital Transformation Leaders, and Bradford Botes, Director of Operations at Total Network Service.

Marie Nadia Vincent, MBA, (Nadia) is an Executive Advisor specialized in digital transformation leadership, artificial intelligence adoption, and strategic business innovation. She is ranked in the Top 10 Global Thought Leaders in Digital Transformation, AI, Innovation, Business Continuity and, Leadership, by Thinkers 360.  A Senior Business and IT Management Consultant, Board Member, Author, and Speaker, Mrs. Vincent has over two decades of international experience leading and implementing digital transformation for Fortune and large organizations; and also coaching smaller business executives internationally and principally in Europe and North America. She has led and implemented many businesses and IT transformation initiatives in various industries internationally. She is an awarded PMI global trainer.

Some Fortune Companies that Nadia has helped transform include Atos Worldline Belgium, Euroclear Belgium & UK, SWIFT, BNP Paribas, ING Bank, Rabbo Bank, ABN-AMRO, Carrefour Group, Electrabel -Engie – GDF, Ikea, Arcelor Mittal and Total. She authored “Leveraging Digital Transformation,” a reference book in digital transformation leadership.  ​Nadia holds two executive certificates from MIT SLOAN in Management & Leadership, and Strategy & Innovation, as well an MBA in Global Technology Management, a Business Management Bachelor, and an Associate of Applied Science in Informatics. She speaks English, French, and Spanish, and consults worldwide

Bradford Botes is the Director of Operations for Total Network Service.  Bradford is also the Director of Operations for Deal Box Inc. TNS creates foundational blockchain technology- their fully decentralized data network is developed specifically to address the current needs of the blockchain community.


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