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SCN Live: Supply Chain Today & Tomorrow with Mike Griswold from Gartner”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for January 4th: featuring special guest Nurfad Nadarevic”

TECHquila Sunrise Live: Listen UP & Kick 2020 to the Curb with Greg White & Karin Bursa”

The Supply Chain Buzz for December 28th: featuring Sarbjeet Johal

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SCN Live: Supply Chain Today & Tomorrow with Mike Griswold from Gartner”

The Supply Chain Buzz for December 14th: featuring Paul Noble, Mary Kate Love & Lettie Barrett”

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SCN Live: Scott Luton & Enrique Alvarez Gain Leadership Insights from Patrick Nelson”

The Supply Chain Buzz for December 7th: featuring David Shillingford with Resilience360″

“SCN Live: Scott & Greg Chat 2020 Lessons Learned with Polly & Patrick from Kinaxis”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for November 30th: featuring Guy Courtin with 6 River Systems”

The Supply Chain Buzz for Nov 23rd: Retail Trends, Military Drivers, eCommerce & More”

SCN Live: Burning Supply Chain Questions with Fred Tolbert of Southeast Demand Solutions”

SCN Live: Supply Chain Today & Tomorrow with Mike Griswold from Gartner”

The Supply Chain Buzz: featuring Bob Bova with AccuSpeechMobile”

“SCN Live: Sustainability Matters featuring Alexis Bateman & Tom Raftery”

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“Special Veterans Day Episode: A Conversation with Rear Admiral (Ret.) Casey Coane, U.S. Navy”

“The Supply Chain Buzz: Scott & Greg Chat with Karin Bursa & Sofia Rivas Herrera”

“Supply Chain now Live: Featuring Allison Krache Giddens with Win-Tech, Inc.”

“Supply Chain Now LIVE: Special Edition of the Buzz featuring U.S. Bank and TQL”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for October 26th: with special guest John Holly”

“SCN LIVE: Supply Chain Front & Center featuring Marcia Williams”

“SCN LIVE: Key Observations in Disruptive Supply Chain Tech with Mark Morley from OpenText”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for October 19th: with special guests Kara Brown & Will Haraway” 

“SCN LIVE: Procurement Priorities & Challenges: Kelly Barner with Buyers Meeting Point” 

“SCN LIVE: Supply Chain Today & Tomorrow: featuring Mike Griswold with Gartner”

“Supply Chain Now LIVE: How the Modern GPO is Future-Proofing the Supply Chain”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for October 12th: Warehouse Employment Exploding, Paper Over Plastic, & More”

“SCN LIVEstream: Featuring Jim Liegghio with AIAG & Elba Pareja-Gallagher with ShowMe50”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for October 5th: Featuring Lora Cecere with Supply Chain Insights”

“SCN LIVEstream: Featuring Eric Johnson and Enrique Alvarez”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for September 28th: How to Break In & Advance in Supply Chain”

“Supply Chain Now Livestream: Diving into Digital Transformation with Kevin L. Jackson”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for September 21st: Featuring Scott, Jamin, & Sarah Barnes-Humphrey”

“Supply Chain Buzz for September 14th: featuring J.D. Redmon with Acces Expd”

“SCN Thursday LIVEStream with Silvia Judy, Stefan Mau, & Elba Pareja-Gallagher”

“Nick Stylianou and Asif Naqvi on Supply Chain Now LIVEStream”

“Jenny Froome & Josue Ramos on Supply Chain Now LiveStream”

“Top Three Things in Supply Chain Today & Tomorrow: Featuring Mike Griswold with Gartner”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for August 31st: The Retail Rundown & Chris Lingamfelter”

“Optimizing Decision-Making in Supply Chain in 2020 & Beyond”

“How and Why to Build a National Procurement Program to Optimize Your Spend”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for August 24th: Featuring Jon Davis, Kara Brown, & Will Haraway”

“The Amazing People of Logistics & Transportation: Featuring Nicole Glenn & Trey Griggs”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for August 17th: Imports Up, Cold Chain Explosion, & Good News”

“Supply Chain Now LIVE: Featuring Clay “The Dawg” Phillips”

“Supply Chain Buzz for August 10th Featuring Andrew Kelley with BoxLock”

“Supply Chain Leadership in Africa: Ramatu Abdulkadir, CEO of Health Supplies Management Agency”

“Supply Chain Buzz for August 3rd: Featuring Daniel Stanton aka Mr. Supply Chain”

“Mike Griswold with Gartner looks at 2020: What’s Happened & What’s to Come”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for July 27th: Brand Realization, CSCO Diversity, & More”

“Analysis of Q2 2020 U.S. Bank Freight Payment Index”

“Warehouse Robotics & Automation Update: Jeff Cashman with GreyOrange”

“Talent Tuesday Part 2: Featuring Radu Palamariu with Alcott Global”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for July 20th Featuring David Shillingford with Resilience360”

“Supply Chain Buzz for July 13th: Featuring Kevin L. Jackson with SourceConnecte”

“Supply Chain Buzz for July 6th: Featuring Tevon Taylor with FedEx Supply Chain”

“Supply Chain Buzz for June 29th: 737 MAX Update, Bulging Inventories, Returns & More”

“Supply Chain Buzz for June 22nd: Pharma, Late Deliveries, Ecommerce, & More”

“Talent Tuesday on Supply Chain Now with Radu Palamariu”

“Supply Chain Buzz for June 15th: Grocery, Bots, Retail Challenges, & More”

“Scott & Greg Chat with Chris Haydon, President of Procurement Solutions with SAP

“Supply Chain Buzz for June 8th: Major Moves, Manufacturing, & Money”

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“Retail Challenges, E-Commerce Learnings, & Weather Risks: The Supply Chain Buzz for May 26th

“Claudia Freed & Chuck Easley Share Biggest Supply Chain Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

“Pharma Supply Chain, Reshoring, & TP: The Supply Chain Buzz for May 18th”

“The Supply Chain Buzz for May 11th

“Latia Thomas: Leading the Charge into the Future of Supply Chain”

“Terence Lester with LoveBeyondWalls: A Movement of Doers”

Supply Chain TODAY & TOMORROW: Latest Observations on How COVID-19 is Impacting Supply Chains”

“Supply Chain Super Trends Run Down with Scott, Sarah and Greg”

“Supply Chain Buzz for May 4th with Jedi Master Scott & Darth Greg”

“Tracking Anything, Anywhere: Steve Maul with LocatorX”

“National Supply Chain Day: Celebrating the Industry That Keeps the World Moving Forward”

“Supply Chain Front & Center: Dyci Manns Sfregola with Akili Incorporated”

“Supply Chain Buzz for April 27th with Scott & Greg”

“Analysis of Q1 2020 U.S. Bank Freight Payment Index”

“Supply Chain Front & Center: Kathy Fulton with ALAN”

“Supply Chain Buzz for April 20th”

“Supply Chain Front & Center During a Crisis”

“Supply Chain Buzz for 13 April 2020”

“Sippin’ Strummin’ & Supply Chain: Chapter One”

“Procurement Pros: Surviving COVID-19 & Thriving in the Next Reality”

“Fueling Innovation & Results in the COVID-19 Environment”

“Remote Working During COVID-19”

“An Update on the World of eCommerce”

“Supply Chain Vetting & Verification”

“COVID-19’s Impact on the Global Supply Chain”

“Taking Care of the Team While Contingency Planning”

“Stand Up and Sound Off with Greg White of Supply Chain Now”

“Overcoming Financial Difficulties of Coronavirus Environment”

“Keep Calm & Carry On: Rod Sherkin with”

“5 Things Supply Chain Leaders Can Do to Navigate Current Challenging Landscape”

“2 Quick Things on Thursday Afternoon: Supply Chain Resilience & Our 3/25 Event”

“Coronavirus, MODEX & 2020 Atlanta Supply Chain Awards: An Update With Scott and Greg”