Top 10 Supply Chain Podcasts You Should be Listening to Right Now

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Top 10 Supply Chain Podcasts You Should be Listening to Right Now

As the supply chain industry continues to face profound transformation, staying updated on the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the space is crucial. With over 464 million podcast listeners worldwide, podcasts have become an invaluable resource for professionals seeking insights and inspiration. The wonderful world of the web means you can find a podcast in any niche, but how do you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to quality supply chain podcasts?

To help you get there, we’ve curated a round-up of the top ten must-listen supply chain podcasts that will keep you informed and entertained.

1. Supply Chain Now

Where to Listen:

Hosts: Scott Luton and various industry experts.

Best for: The go-to resource for insights into global supply chain performance.

Featured in the Apple Podcasts business leadership charts in over 60 countries, Supply Chain Now is a renowned podcast for its extensive coverage of supply chain topics, including insights from industry leaders and experts. Hosted by Scott Luton and his team of industry-veteran co-hosts from brands like Amazon, P&G, and Nordstrom, the podcast delves into everything from logistics and transportation to technology and innovation. With a history of high-quality content and engaging interviews, Supply Chain Now is a go-to resource for supply chain professionals looking to solve the industry’s hardest problems, one conversation at a time.

2. Truck N’ Hustle

Where to listen:

Host: Rahmel Wattley

Best for: Real-world insights for the trucking and logistics community.

Truck N’ Hustle, hosted by Rahmel Wattley, spotlights the entrepreneurial spirit within the trucking and logistics industry. The podcast features interviews with truckers, business owners, and industry influencers who share their journeys, challenges, and successes. It’s an inspiring listen for anyone involved or interested in the trucking sector, offering real-world insights and advice.

3. Unboxing Logistics

Where to listen:

Host: Lori Boyer

Best for: Practical tips on taking shipping to the next level.

Unboxing Logistics, presented by EasyPost, breaks down logistics topics into digestible and engaging discussions. Every podcast episode features interviews and real-life stories from people who have been on the front line for years. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including shipping strategies, technology advancements, and industry trends. It’s a valuable resource for logistics professionals seeking proactive advice and a deeper understanding of the field.

4. Freight Nation

Where to listen:

Host: Brent Hutto

Best for: Exploring freight management and the driving forces behind successful trucking businesses.

Freight Nation: A Trucking Podcast, from the freight matching marketplace Truckstop, provides a deep dive into the intricacies of freight and transportation. The podcast features interviews with industry experts, covering topics such as market trends, technology, and regulatory changes. It’s an essential listen for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of freight logistics.

5. Shipping Podcast

Where to listen:

Host: Lena Göthberg

Best for: Hearing expert insights from the maritime industry.

The Shipping Podcast, hosted by Lena Göthberg, offers an insider’s view of the maritime industry. With guests ranging from shipowners to maritime technology experts, this supply chain podcast explores the challenges and innovations shaping the sector. It’s a fascinating listen for anyone interested in the global shipping industry and its impact on world trade.

6. Maritime Impact

Where to listen:

Host: Eirik Nyhus

Best for: The latest on environmental policies and legislation impacting the global shipping industry.

Maritime Impact, brought to podcast listeners by DNV, focuses on the future of the maritime industry. The podcast features discussions on sustainability, digitalization, and regulatory shifts. It’s a forward-looking podcast that’s perfect for those interested in cutting-edge developments within maritime logistics.

7. Supply Chain Frontiers

Where to listen:

Host: Benjy Kantor

Best for: Academic insights and in-depth conversations about supply chain management.

Hosted by the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, Supply Chain Frontiers covers innovative research and developments in the field. This supply chain podcast features interviews with academics and industry leaders, discussing topics such as supply chain resilience, technology, and global trends. It’s a must-listen for those looking to stay informed about the latest academic insights and industry advancements.

8. Inbound Logistics Podcast

Where to listen:

Host: Amy Roach

Best for: Actionable insights into improving supply chain operations.

The Inbound Logistics Podcast provides valuable insights into the strategies and technologies driving modern supply chains. Featuring interviews with supply chain professionals and thought leaders, the podcast covers a broad range of topics from the third-party logistics and supply chain management world, including inventory management, transportation, and warehousing. It’s an excellent resource for logistics professionals looking to optimize their operations.

9. Gartner Supply Chain Podcast

Where to listen:

Hosts: Thomas O’Connor and Lindsay Azim

Best for: Research-based strategic insights on driving supply chain success

The Gartner Supply Chain Podcast offers expert analysis and insights from Gartner’s reputable supply chain research team. Each episode delves into current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the supply chain industry. With its data-driven approach, the podcast is an invaluable tool for professionals seeking to leverage research-based strategies.

10. Supply Chain Connections

Where to listen:

Host: Brian Glick

Best for: Exploring the intricacies of supply chain networks

Previously known as the Podcast, Supply Chain Connections explores the intricate web of supply chain networks. The supply chain podcast features interviews with industry insiders who share their experiences and insights on managing complex supply chains. It’s a great listen for those looking to understand the interdependencies and dynamics within supply chain ecosystems.

Listen to Supply Chain Now: The #1 Voice of Supply Chain

With this list of the best supply chain podcasts, you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and perspectives from some of the greatest thinkers and most influential voices in the supply chain world. Whether you’re looking for inspiring stories, practical tips, or the latest industry trends, this collection offers something for every supply chain professional and enthusiast.

If you’re curious about our podcast and want to elevate your understanding of the supply chain industry, look no further. Tune in to Supply Chain Now, the #1 supply chain podcast, ranked in the top 1% of all global podcasts!

Listen now and stay ahead in the supply chain world.


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