Supply Chain Now Episode 560

“As everything goes virtual, it’s important to understand all the components of your business ecosystem. While procurement and supply chain may technically be two different functions, they have to flow together.”

– Kevin L. Jackson, Host of Digital Transformers


The Supply Chain Buzz is Supply Chain Now’s regular Monday livestream, held at 12n ET each week. This show focuses on some of the leading stories from global supply chain and global business, always with special guests – the most important of which is the live audience!

In this livestream, recorded in collaboration with a live audience on January 25th, Kevin L. Jackson, Greg White, and Scott Luton discuss and engage in real time about:

· The skyrocketing costs of typical medical supplies and the effect that is having on the companies and industries that rely upon them

· The impact that digital home assistants, the Internet of Things, and “computing without computing” are having on consumers and industries

· A live report from the port of L.A. provided by Jamin Alvidrez


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