Supply Chain Now Episode 570

“Everyone thought that with Chinese New Year coming, that was going to solve the [global logistics] problem. And it’s now more than clear that it’s not. With what I’m seeing and all the clients that we’ve been working with, it is probably going to take a little bit longer than that, so, let’s be ready for it.”

– Enrique Alvarez, Host of Logistics with Purpose & Supply Chain Now en Espanol


The Supply Chain Buzz is Supply Chain Now’s regular Monday livestream, held at 12n ET each week. This show focuses on some of the leading stories from global supply chain and global business, always with special guests – the most important of which is the live audience!

In this livestream, recorded in collaboration with a live audience on February 11th, Enrique Alvarez, Greg White, and Scott Luton discuss and engage in real time about:

· The evolution finally being seen in the home improvement category of retail, given different challenges experienced at Home Depot and Lowes versus the franchised ACE Hardware chain

· How exercise equipment and media company Peloton is bringing new modes of transportation into their supply chain to make progress on their current delivery backlog

· What governments, companies, supply chains, and consumers can do to help combat the global problem of human slavery, currently estimated to affect 16 to 18 million people


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